The Addiction Crisis

foster care

Opiate addiction is causing an increase in the number of children in foster care

When you think of foster care, what images come to mind? For many, one of the first images is the stereotypical scene of children being wrenched from a mother’s arms and thrust into a system where they will be shuffled from home to home for the rest of their childhood.

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Xanax has become the new club drug

Xanax has become the new club drug, becoming increasingly pervasive due to constant mentions in pop culture. Instagram celebrities, rappers, and stars mention, glorify, and even sell Xanax.

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I Relapsed by Believing Marijuana Could Help Me

If you are in recovery and thinking of trying marijuana, DON’T. I’ve been there and I’m certain I would have spiraled back into active heroin addiction if I hadn’t recognized the addictive behavior that trying marijuana had triggered and taken steps to help myself.

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is addiction a choice

Is Addiction a Choice?

There are a ton of folks on FB (today especially) claiming that addiction is a choice. Giving out Narcan is enabling. "Junkies" deserve what happens to them. So on and so forth. Here's the thing, it's because of these kinds of "opinions" that there's still such a stigma attached to drug addiction and alcoholism

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how to get intervention help

How to get Addiction Intervention help

We recognize that the addict shows up with recurring themes that people with addiction struggle with – grief, anxiety, shame, perfectionism, vulnerability, trust, and no boundary setting.

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what are opioids

What Are Opioids?

When opioid molecules travel through the bloodstream and into the brain, they attach to receptors on the surface of certain cells. The chemical response triggered in the brain’s reward center is the same as the reaction to intense pleasure and reinforces acts such as eating, drinking fluids, caring for babies and having sex—all necessary for survival of the species.

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alcohol addiction

Alcohol Addiction

Are you or someone you love struggling with an alcohol issue? Do you think you or your loved one could have a serious problem with drinking? According to the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) 15.1 million adults in the United States had an alcohol use disorder (AUD.) This includes 9.8 million men and 5.3 million women.

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heroin intervention

Heroin Intervention

You may have heard a lot lately about Narcan, brand name of the drug naloxone. The drug, which quickly blocks the effects of opioids and can be administered by injection or nasal spray, is available in hospitals and ambulances around the country, but many have pushed to also get it directly into the hands of addicts.

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family support

Family Support and Treatment

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